Live Seminars Focused on Teaching You How to Navigate Aviation Weather and ATC Communications
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Statistics show most weather-related aviation accidents are fatal. Even experienced pilots sometimes become another statistic in the NTSB database when it comes to weather. But, why? With today's technology and advancements in meteorology, there is little excuse to fly into a life-threatening situation.

There is a wealth of weather data available. But, do pilots understand how to use this data to benefit the safety of their flight? In many cases, pilots are using outdated methods or not fully understanding the weather data available today as well as its accuracy and limitations.

Our seminar is designed to go beyond the standard weather briefing to help you avoid the unexpected, increase your safety margins, and also avoid common weather-related traps.

In addition, we will focus on proper air traffic control procedures and communications. Many pilots avoid Class C and Class B airspace altogether because they never received the proper training on how to interact with FAA controllers. For experienced pilots, this seminar will be useful in understanding how to get the most from ATC. We'll also focus on common pilot mistakes and how to avoid the dreaded pilot deviation. Our one day course is also FAA Wings Credit accepted. 

Have a great flight and we look forward to seeing you at one of our seminars. 
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